quinta-feira, 24 de Julho de 2014

NEW IN | summer loves

I've been looking like crazy these Birken sandals for a month and finally I found the two colors I wanted. I'm in love and I can't stop using them. I still bought this fluid blazer at Zara and I'm loving it. Soon a look with him. Hope you have a great weekend! <3

Blazer: HERE   |   Birken sandals: HERE

segunda-feira, 21 de Julho de 2014


Blouse and crop: Mum's closet   |   Jeans: HERE   |   Backpage, bel and platforms: HERE

 We have taken the free days to meet some hidden corners of Lisbon. To casually strolling through the alleys of the city, a wedge sneackers and backpage are best suited to complement the look. This top was made by a great-aunt to my mom, one of our trips to Trás-os-Montes. I was about six years old and I remember the dress him and look like a sack of potatoes, I have a photo somewhere that proves it :)


Temos aproveitado as folgas para conhecer alguns recantos mais escondidos de Lisboa. E, para passear descontraidamente pelas vielas da cidade, nada mais adequado que uns wedge sneackers e uma backpage para complementar o look. Este top foi feito por uma tia-avó para a minha mãe, numa das nossas idas a Trás-os-Montes. Eu devia ter uns seis anos e lembro-me de o vestir e parecer um saco de batatas (fazia de camisola), tenho algures uma foto que o comprova :)

sábado, 19 de Julho de 2014


These are my top products for this summer.

1 | B.P.M.6 Eua de toilette - a fresh unixes fragrance from Suisse. I can't stop using it.

2 | Yves Rocher Lipstick rose galica - it's so hydrating and discret.

3 | 386 by KIKOI showed you this here before.

4 | Les Plaisirs Nature AVENA silky lotion - easy to apply with the dispenser, easy to spread and nothing sticky.

5 | hydra vègètal intense hydrating cream - very creamy and a sweet smell

6 | Blueberry Ice mask effect - quickly, effective and with an amazing smell.

7 | L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil - I just can't live without.